CGS A2 and AS Results

CGS A2 and AS Results

We are very proud to say that Coleraine Grammar pupils did so with resilience and determination.

A2 Results

Once again, the 2020/21 school year proved to be a challenging time for our pupils.  With a term of online teaching and then the Centre Determined Grades process, pupils in senior year groups had to navigate unprecedented circumstances.  We are very proud to say that Coleraine Grammar pupils did so with resilience and determination.

Therefore, on Tuesday 10th August, many pupils were able to celebrate achieving excellent results, despite the year that had passed.  Three pupils achieved 4 A* grades; six other pupils gained 3 A* grades.

Our Head Girl, achieved 4 A grades and our Head Boy 2 A*s and one A grade.  Other high achievers included seven pupils who all achieved 2 A* and 1 A grade.  These pupils are going to to a variety of universities like Durham, Bath, Keele, Newcastle and QUB to study courses like Medicine, Computer Science, Veterinary and Accounting.  In total, 40 of our pupils gained at least 3 A grades in their A2 subjects.  Overall, 109 pupils have secured places at university.

These results are a testament to the dedication of our pupils and teaching staff and Coleraine Grammar Headmaster, Dr Carruthers commented; “Despite the considerable disruption to learning and teaching this school year, our pupils continue to make us very proud.  I am grateful to them and their teachers for all oftheir consistent effort and hard work.”

Congratulations to our class of 2021, we wish them all well in their future endeavours and a safe remainder of the Summer holiday.

AS Results

In ways similar to our year 14 pupils, AS candidates also had to navigate a different assessment process in 2021 compared to previous years.  Again, our pupils rose to the challenge and ultimately achieved some outstanding results.  Some examples of our high achievers are as follows:

Two pupils received 4 A grades in their AS subjects.  Three pupils achieved 3 A grades and 1 B grade in AS subjects.  Our four mathematicians who completed their A2 Maths in one year all achieved an A* or an A in that subject: one of whom achieved 3 As in her AS subjects and an A* in A2 Maths in a year.  All very impressive outcomes!

In total, 31 pupils gained 3 A grades or above and this is very pleasing indeed – congratulations.

This is clearly just a sample of the many excellent AS grades our pupils achieved.  Well done to all our year 13s and we look forward to seeing you back at school again in the coming weeks.