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Religious Education

As a department we aim to encourage a respect for religious and moral values and a tolerance of other religions and ways of life. Pupils are given the opportunity to explore issues which are relevant to their lives and to develop skills which will help them cope with the world in which we live.

Additional Information

Pupils are encouraged to express their own point of view and engage in learning through a wide variety of teaching strategies.We also attend appropriate conferences and use outside agencies when they are relevantto our course.This year 2015-16 Year 13 and 14 will have a visit from the organisation ‘Open Doors’ which will help them to research the present situation regarding the persecuted Church. During the 2016 year our A Level students hope to visit a number of sites in Rome relevant to their study of The History of the Early Church.

Religious Education Staff

  • Mrs S Patterson B.A. PGCE, Dip Health and Nutrition (Curriculum Leader)
  • Miss J Carson B.A.
  • Mr M Dickie B.D. PGCE
  • Mrs A. McConaghie BA; PGCE
  • Mrs L. McClure BSSc;PGCE
  • Mr T.A Hamilton B.A.;M.Ed;PGCE
  • Mr A Gaston, B.A., PGCE
  • Mrs S Taggart M.A.;PGCE.
  • Miss N McElhinney B.A., PGCE

In the Junior School we follow the core curriculum which was designed and agreed by the four main churches in Northern Ireland. At Key Stage 3 we provide opportunities for pupils to develop their knowledge of two world faiths other than Christianity.We have chosen to look at Judaism and Islam.


At GCSE level everyone is given the opportunity to complete the CCEA course. Those doing the Short course study Ethics while the Full course also study Matthew’s Gospel. Those who wish may continue with this subject to A level.


At AS and A2 Level we study The History of the Early Church in the Roman Empire and Ethics.