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Regular school attendance is essential if you want your child to fulfil their potential.

Regular school attendance is essential if you want your child to fulfil their potential. You should understand that every school day counts; when a pupil is absent from school, they miss out.

Attendance guidance in 2023/24

Absence note 

If a pupil is absent a parent/carer is now required to inform us by using the School Gateway app (available in the Google Play store and iOS App stores).

If no reason is not provided for a pupil’s absence 5 school days after the pupils return to school, then a ‘D’ code (No reason provided for absence) will be recorded in SIMS. Code ‘D’ is an Unauthorised absence.

Appointments during the school day 

Parents/carers are asked, whenever possible, to make appointments outside school hours.

Pupils are expected to return to school following their appointment whenever possible. 

If a pupil has a medical condition that may affect attendance and punctuality, parents/carers are asked to contact the school to discuss possible arrangements with their child’s Pastoral Leader.

Signing in and out during the school day 

When a pupil needs to leave school they must report to either the CL/LR reception, the secretary will sign them out. All pupils in Years 8 – 12 must be collected by a parent/carer. 

All pupils returning to school during the day must report to reception where the secretary will sign them in, they then make their way to class.

Family holidays during term time

CGS strongly discourages holidays during term time due to the impact that they have on a pupil’s learning. Parents/carers must contact the school prior to booking any holiday to explain the need to remove a pupil from school during term time. This contact should be in the form of a letter addressed to the Headmaster.

Download the Department of Education:  Parents Guide to School Absence

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