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Debating Society

Debating Society

The club meets at lunchtime in room 10 and give pupils the opportunity to discuss topical issues of their choosing.

In recent various debates took place. The motion for the first debate of the year was, “This House believes that there are more than two genders.” The speakers delivered well-researched speeches which were followed by heated contributions from the floor.

In November we debated the motion, “This House believes that women are worthy of more respect”.

In March the subject for debate was, “This House believes that it should be compulsory to study Religious Education in school.”

Our topic in May was, “This House believes that society is becoming more tolerant, accepting of difference and inclusive.”

The group of faithful speakers from Year 10 will be very much missed at Debating Club on Lodge Road next year and it is hoped they will be the core members of Senior Debating Club and participate with equal enthusiasm.