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The Department of Education (DE) and the former Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL) launched the ‘Recognise and Remove: Concussion Awareness Campaign’ on 30 April 2014.
It is important that pupils, teachers, coaches and parents are aware of the dangers of concussion; know the signs to look out for; and the action that needs to be taken in the case of a suspected concussion. Any young person suspected of having concussion should immediately cease their activity and should not return until they have been medically assessed. If someone has been knocked out or their condition is worsening, urgent medical attention must be sought.

It is also vital that schools and other organisations with responsibility for children are made aware of any injuries involving concussion that a child may have sustained outside school.

For more guidance, please refer to the leaflet on the Department’s website at:

CGS Concussion Checklist:


      • As a player, if you feel that you may have suffered from a concussion, alert your coach/team medic/parent and do not play on. Players should be honest and report all signs and symptoms and should never attempt to continue playing.


      • If player suffers suspected concussion remove the player safely.
      • Hand the player over to a responsible adult to observe during game.
      • Parents/guardians of underage players should be informed as soon as possible that the player has suffered from a suspected concussion and they should be advised that the child should not partake in any sport until they have completed the GRTP.
      • Tell parents about incident and advise on GRTP.
      • Guide player through active phase of GRTP.
      • Fill out school injury report form ASAP
      • Follow up with Parent/Guardian.


      • Get full details of event if you were not present.
      • Observe the player over the next 24-48 hours and if symptoms worsen contact your GP.
      • Ensure the player does not drink alcohol or drive .
      • Ensure player does not return to play before completing the GRTP protocol.
      • The player should be medically assessed .
      • Encourage mental and physical rest for 1-2 days.
      • Inform school and other sports that your child has suffered from a concussion and will enter GRTP.
      • Focus on return to school before return to sport.
      • When the child has successfully returned to school they can focus on returning to sport. Ensure that player honestly reports any symptoms

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