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“Those who are too clever to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are more stupid.” Plato – Greek author & philosopher in Athens (427 BC – 347 BC)

Why study Government and Politics?

The short answer is that everyone should study politics. Like it or not, political decisions shape all our lives in the present and in the future. For that reason alone every young person should be aware of how their system of government operates. They should also be able, as informed citizens, to participate in the democratic process and make a difference when they have left school. A level Politics is ideal preparation for those very important privileges that we as citizens of the United Kingdom enjoy.

Having said that, the study of Politics is an exciting intellectual challenge where students can deploy a variety of skills: debate and discussion, the ability to create an effective argument and analyse information to make valid judgements to name but a few.

Companion Subjects

Government and Politics is an excellent companion to studying: History, English Literature, Media Studies, Religious Studies, Business Studies, Languages and Psychology


Politics Staff

  • Mr P Semple BA (Hons), MSSc, PGCE (Curriculum Leader)
  • Mr A Gaston BA, PGCE