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All pupils study Mathematics for five years. The emphasis of the course is on developing a sound mathematical knowledge which will help pupils acquire the oral, written and practical skills which are required for confidence in problem solving. The importance of a good mathematical qualification is realised and pupils are encouraged to work diligently.

A wide variety of tasks involve pupils in many different modes of learning and develop many personal qualities. Pupils are encouraged to apply Mathematics to everyday situations and develop an understanding of the part Mathematics plays in the world around them.

All pupils in Years 8 to 10 follow the Programmes of Study of the N.I. Curriculum. Years 11 and 12 follow the CCEA specifications. Pupils may also choose to take GCSE Further Mathematics. The material in this course is of a more complex nature and the choice must be made at the end of Key Stage 3 on the basis of proven mathematical ability.

At A-Level pupils follow the CCEA Specifications. As pupils take modules AS1 (Pure Mathematics) and AS2 (Applied Mathematics) at the end of Year 13. At A2 Level pupils take modules A2 1 (Pure Mathematics) and A2 2(Applied Mathematics) at the end of Year 14. Pupils can also study GCE Further Mathematics.

Additional Information


Pupils from Years 9 and 11 are entered for the Junior and Intermediate Mathematical Challenges organised by the University of Leeds. Year 8 pupils are entered for the 24 Game tournament, competing both to become the winning class and the Year 8 Champion.

Maths Staff

  • Dr R.T. Pedlow, PhD, MSci, PGCE (Curriculum)
  • Mrs K Bamber, MSci, PGCE
  • Mrs W Brownlee BSc, PGCE
  • Mr G.K. Elliott BSc, PGCE
  • Mr M. Palmer, BSc, PGCE
  • Mr S.T Patterson, BSc, PGCE
  • Mrs C. Smyth, BSc, PGCE
  • Mrs C Tracey, BSc, PGCE