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Frequently Asked Questions Coleraine Grammar School

Changing facilities and toilets have been upgraded to enable both campuses to accommodate both boys and girls.

The Board of Governors of Coleraine Grammar School is committed to offering the very best education to its pupils, and will strive for excellence at every level.

All pupils that are based on the Lodge Road campus will have their own locker. Castlerock Road Campus has added some additional lockers so that every pupil who would like one can have one.

The canteen on the Castlerock Road campus will continue to be managed privately, whilst the canteen on the Lodge Road will continue to be managed by the Education Authority.As a result, prices may vary between canteens. 

You will find updated information on Coleraine Grammar School at our website and our Facebook page.

Coleraine Grammar School has set up a direct debit facility which will enable parents to make school contributions in a more convenient manner. Further details will be available on the school website as they become available. Until then, please contact the school office to make a parental contribution.

The Board of Governors, in conjunction with the Principal, have appointed an appropriate leadership team that will ensure consistency across both campuses across both campuses.

The Holiday List for Coleraine Grammar School is on the following link Please take a look before you make your plans.

From September 2015, Coleraine Grammar School will have 1,545 pupils, with a Year 8 intake of 156. For the next five years the total number of pupils will reduce, with 1,060 being the final number of pupils.

There are two Vice Principals who are responsible for pastoral care within Coleraine Grammar School, and they will be based on each campus as needed.There will also be a Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who will look after pupils who have been identified with special educational needs.

This parental contribution will be used for the benefit of every pupil from Year 8 to Year 14 by:subsidising pupil travel on educationalvisits to museums, theatres and conferences; purchasing books, newspapers and magazines for the School Library; subsidising the travel costs of school sports teams, choir, public speaking, Young Enterprise; covering the entry fees for sporting tournaments and other competitions;contributing towards Prize Day expenses; and helping with the production costs of the School Magazine.

Coleraine Grammar School uniform is sold by three official uniform stockists: S&T Moore, Heart & Home, and Robert H Gault. Please enquire at these retailers as to price.

Coleraine Grammar School

The three shields represent The Clothworkers (who gave the land for the schools), The Honourable The Irish Society (who set up the schools), and Coleraine High School all nestled in the basic shape of the CAI crest. The opening dates of CHS, CAI & CGS are also included within the crest.

Coleraine Grammar School will be a co-educational academically-selective school with a voluntary management structure. 

The Uniform list for boys and girls attending Coleraine Grammar School is available to download at

A Board of Governors has been active since the Autumn, with responsibility for all facets of Coleraine Grammar School, including the appointment of the new Principal, Dr David Carruthers. 

In Autumn 2014, several development proposals were approved to change educational provision in the Coleraine area. These involved the closure of Coleraine Academical Institution and Coleraine High School to enable the formation of a new voluntary academically-selective co-ed school known as Coleraine Grammar School.

Coleraine Grammar School is not currently on the list for a new build. However, extensive building work will be carried out over the next few years to the existing CAI site.

Coleraine Grammar School will, for a limited time operate on two campuses. The Board of Governors are working closely with the Department of Education to make the move to one site as soon as possible.

Coleraine Grammar School will have an annual voluntary parental contribution in order to enhance the curricular and co-curricular provision for our pupils. Coleraine Grammar School will not charge an additional capital fee. 

Members of teams may be required to purchase other items of clothing. Other sports equipment will be necessary depending upon requirements of individual sports and staff will advise upon these matters

Those pupils eligible for transport assistance at the date when CAI and CHS close will, as legacy pupils, remain eligible for their ‘free’ bus pass whilst CGS is on two sites. Once Coleraine Grammar School is located on one campus, the eligibility of all pupils will be reassessed.