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Art Club

Art Club

Art Club has been running for over 14 years. The numbers each year vary but it is still standing strong. It is organised by A – Level Art students who
want to use their years of experience to give tips about art. We as a team want to show that art isn’۪t just about painting, but can be showcased in
many different ways.

We make each activity at Art Club unique and different yet hopefully fun. We want the young artists to learn something new and take our advice which will
then be used to develop their art experience in the classroom. Usually each activity involves a new way to transform an image into a more sophisticated
outcome. For example, we might teach the essential skill of understanding how light transforms an object making it look 3D. Exercises in using tone
to create form is rewarding in that suddenly students drawings become believable. Once they have mastered that, we branch out into colour and show
them that colour in an object isn’۪t just one shade but can be reflective.

Art Club will meet after school on Wednesdays on the Lodge Road Campus from 3.30pm – 4.15pm.

Advanced Projects

After we have taught them the basics we challenge them by for example building a 3D ice cream made entirely out of plaster or creating their collage wall
art about themselves. To show progression we believe they need to be challenged which can, bring out the best in many. We have seen that honing skills
brings pride and confidence. To finish off the workshop we would always end with a game of Pictionary as it brings everyone together and encourages
teamwork whilst having a good time. Art Club is a pleasure to run and I hope many others will continue to do so. It is a great opportunity to have
both fun and learn something productive that will be beneficial in the future.