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Friends of CGS

Our first meeting will be on Thursday 7th January 2016 at 6pm

Friends of Coleraine Grammar School


The Friends of Coleraine Grammar School are a group of parents who enhance the work of our school community and assist the school through supporting events such as Parents’ Meetings, Open Nights and organise events such as the Halloween Disco and barb-b- ques. The ‘Friends’ raise funds for the school, hence providing additional resources and amenities.

We are keen to build on the interest shown in both our founding schools over the years and encourage as many parents as possible to join the ‘Friends’ which meet a few times each term, in the evening. Parents of Year 8 pupils are warmly invited.

Notification of forthcoming meetings will be through the school website and social media pages.

Please come along, meet new people and find out more about the ‘Friends’. Everyone is most welcome.