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Drama at CGS offers all pupils the opportunity to develop themselves, their thinking skills and personal capabilities in many new and exciting ways.




Drama Staff

  • Miss L. Stewart. (Curriculum Leader)

At KS3 all pupils have a drama class every fortnight, during which they can forget the conventional confines of the classroom and learn how to: ‘bring page to stage’; create a character; work effectively with others; share ideas; write and perform their own scripts to an audience; explore challenging issues … the list is almost endless! And all in a stimulating and caring environment!

Drama assists in developing pupils’ self-confidence and self-esteem in many areas – invaluable when seeking a career on leaving school in the competitive world of work today!



CGS also offers the opportunity to carry Drama forward as a GCSE subject on entry to KS4: the 2-year course has its emphasis on ‘performance’ where students write and perform their own work to an invited audience and study a wide range of Drama genres.

Students of GCSE Drama say they find their Drama classes a welcome contrast with most of their other GCSE subjects since they are rarely confined to a desk and not required to produce lengthy essays!

Workshops, theatre trips and visits from actors are another exciting feature of Drama at CGS throughout the year and it is hoped to hold several of these during the 2015/6 academic year.

There is also a proud tradition of school shows which happen biennially and set the school alight with ‘production fever’ during the autumn term. In past years these have ranged from musicals (such as The Sound of Music to 42nd Street) to straight dramas as diverse as The Miracle Worker and Steel Magnolias.

The Humphreys Hall should ensure that wonderful, dramatic ‘spectacles’ lie in store for many years to come!