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Media Studies

Media Studies is a thriving and popular subject which allows students to develop their creative, technical, analytical and research skills. Pupils have many opportunities to construct their own product including magazines, DVD covers, film posters, TV advertisements, film extracts and music videos.

Additional Information

Throughout the year Media Studies students have the opportunity to train and participate in projects with BBC School Report, iMac training Cup, Cinemagic and NEELB TV.

Media Studies Staff

  • Mrs R. Logue: BA English, PGCE (Curriculum Leader)
  • Miss L Stewart BA English, PGCE

At GCSE level students learn about genre, narrative and representation. The will also learn about technical skills and how and why print, moving image and interactive texts are constructed. Production work is exciting and challenges students to create a product for a specific audience.

At AS level students study a wide range of media texts including print and moving image advertisements, DVD covers, film posters, CD covers, film extracts and trailers, television extracts, music videos and websites. They will be required to analyse these in terms of technical and narrative codes, genre codes, audience and representation. Technical and creative skills are developed through the creation of a product in three stages: pre-production, production and evaluation. Students must use original photography and demonstrate exciting and innovative ideas.

Media Studies is offered at GCSE and A level and follows the WJEC examination board.

At A2 level students must undertake an in depth study of three industries chosen from TV, radio, film, newspaper or advertising; within each industry three texts are focused on and examined in terms of genre, industry issues and audience. Students must also carry out an individual research investigation and create a new product which evolves from the research findings.

Media Studies is offered at GCSE and A level and follows the WJEC examination board.