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Modern Foreign Languages Club

Modern Foreign Languages

Members of Staff: 

  • Mme D. Ranchoux 

Bonjour! Buenos Dias! Guten Tag!

The Language Club is an opportunity for pupils in year 8 and year 9 to develop their language skills in a fun and exciting way!

Pupils meet in the drama suite on the Lodge Road campus on Friday lunchtime week A.The activities on offer include French, Spanish and German songs, drama,
charades and quizzes. In Language Club we also celebrate special events throughout the year such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Pupils have the
chance to learn a little about how these celebrations in other countries are different to their own. Did you know that in Spain, instead of a stocking
it is a shoe that children leave out in the hope that it will be filled with gifts?

This is a great way for pupils to make new friends and enjoy learning languages together.All new members will be made to feel very welcome!