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A-Level Results Day

Coleraine Grammar School’s sixth form pupils were celebrating outstanding A2 and AS Level results on Thursday 17th August.

At A2 Level, 33 pupils received three or more A* or A grades in their subjects.

These pupils will be embarking on courses at top universities like St Andrews, Stranmillis, Nottingham, QUB, Glasgow, UU, Durham and Newcastle. Courses they will be taking include Law, Medicine, International Relations, Architecture, Psychology, Maths, Building Surveying, Education, Aeronautical Engineering and Software Engineering. (Not all these pupils were available for photos).

Three pupils achieved 3 A*s and one A in their 4 subjects and one achieved 3 A*s in her 3 subjects. They will be studying Automotive Engineering at Loughborough, Maths at Durham, and two pupils are going to QUB to study Law and Marketing and Physics.

Three pupils successfully gained an outstanding 4 A* grades and plan to study Medicine at Edinburgh, one will take a gap year and one will be taking his place at Cambridge to study Natural Sciences – a highly sought after course.

Overall, 74% of our pupils achieved at least 3 A*-C grades. This is a very significant set of results because this year exam boards have returned to pre-covid grade boundaries.

The pupils mentioned here are only a selection of the pleasing results our pupils achieved. Headmaster Dr Carruthers commented, “These results reflect the academic strength of our school and the dedication of our staff and pupils. We are immensely proud of our pupils’ achievements and wish them every success in their future endeavours. Congratulations to everyone and thank you to parents and staff for your continued support.”

Coleraine Grammar School was further delighted that Year 13 pupils also performed very impressively in their AS exams.

Overall, there were 24 pupils who gained 3 A grades or above.

One pupil achieved an outstanding 4 A grades in her AS exams and another gained an A grade in A Level Maths in one year, alongside his other A grades.

These pupils are just a sample of the many excellent AS grades that the pupils achieved – congratulations to all and the school is looking forward to welcoming them back again in the coming weeks.