Motor Vehicle Studies

For many years it has been accepted that our educational system must equip young people not only with knowledge to pass examinations but also with necessary life skills. In that context one of the most important life skills is the ability to cope with road and driving conditions as they exist in Northern Ireland today.

GCSE – Motor Vehicle & Road Users Studies


A GCSE course in Motor Vehicle & Road User Studies has been introduced to the school curriculum to help realise that aim.

The Course.

The examination has 3 main parts:

1/ The examination paper carrying 40% of the overall marks.

2/ An investigative study carried out during the two year course carrying 30% of the overall marks.

3/ Practical riding carried out on a 49 cc moped within the school grounds and carrying 30% of the overall marks.

This means that it is entirely possible to have attained a ‘C’ grade after only the completion of the 2 coursework elements and prior to the sitting of the exam, enabling an enthusiastic and interested pupil to score highly.

The subject is well designed for pupils who require a more skill based curriculum rather than a purely academic one and its varied topics include:

  • The Highway Code,
  • Alcohol abuse,
  • Accident procedures
  • Legal requirements of owning and insuring a car,
  • Finance,
  • Motor vehicle technology


Pupils completing the course will have a greater knowledge and awareness of road safety and will be better equipped to facilitate the study of related subjects at a more advanced level. For example, NVQ courses within the Engineering Framework and have the ability to relate and link their other academic subjects (Maths/English/Physics) to a real life situation.







Motor Vehicle Studies Staff

  • Mr T. Cartmill