Years 9 – 12 Admissions

Criteria for admission into Coleraine Grammar School to current Years 9 - 12


  • All pupils should be the correct age for admission into a given year group unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • All applications should be put in writing.
  • The school will not, as a result of offering a place, exceed the school’s enrolment number as agreed with the Department of Education.
  • Applicants may be admitted to a particular year group provided that
  • Key Stage 3 (Years 9 and 10):places are available in the year group to which the applicant is applying
  • Key Stage 4 (Years 11 and 12):places are available in the subjects which the applicant must follow to meet the statutory and school curriculum
  • Behavioural and disciplinary information about the pupil will also be requested by CGS and must indicate a satisfactory record.
  • Admission into Year 12 (or during Year 11) will be highly dependent on GCSE courses which the pupil has already studied matching with those available in Coleraine Grammar School.


Criteria for Admission to current Years 9 – 12


  • The following criteria will be applied progressively to admit pupils to the school in Years 9 to 12;
  • 1.The applicant has a score in the Common Entrance Assessment provided by the Association for Quality Education which is commensurate with the scores of pupils in the year group to which s/he is applying.
  • 2.The applicant may elect to take a standardised test suitable to the age of the applicant, and CGS will facilitate this.If the applicant did not take the AQE test, CGS will require the applicant to take a standardised test suitable to the age of the applicant. In either case, applicants with higher scores will then be admitted to CGS ahead of those with lower scores.This is provided the score indicates that the applicant’s academic ability is commensurate with the pupils in the year group to which s/he is applying.
  • 3.If the test scores of two or more applicants are equal, then the tie breaker criteria will apply: –


Tie Breaker Criteria

i.Children who have a child of the family enrolled at Coleraine Grammar School.

ii.Children who, at the date of their application are the eldest child* of the family to be eligible to apply for admission to Coleraine Grammar School.

iii.Random selection; a numbered disc representing each child’s name will be placed in a ‘hat’, and an independent person will withdraw the required number of discs from the ‘hat’, under the observation of a second independent person and a school representative.Places will be allocated and a waiting list will be formed according to the order in which the discs are withdrawn.